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In Praise of…an occasional item where we get carried away by something musically great that we might have forgotten about. Let’s start with a piece on Midlands rockers Wolfsbane whose star briefly flickered in the late 80’s and early 90’s.



Let us praise Wolfsbane.

Let us praise Blaze Bayley.

Let us praise Steve Danger.

Let us praise Jeff Hately.

Let us praise Jase Edwards.

Let us praise the first album “Live Fast, Die Fast” even if it was drily produced with a bizarre lack of zip, effervescence or seemingly any knowledge of the joy of the Tamworth Terrors by uber-producer Rick Rubin.

Never mind all that though, it’s sill got Manhunt on it!

Let us also praise the 2nd album “Down Fall the Good Guys“. A fabulous piece of work produced by Brendan O’Brien. It’s gotta lotta great tunes on it and this one is feckin’ fab:


…and there’s a load of others on it too. How these guys didn’t break on through with this album we’ll never know.

Instead they lost all purpose and momentum and released the self-titled “Wolfsbane” in 1994 which , although we bought it, we can’t remember anything about. Blaze also forgot about it about 2 weeks after it was released as he jumped ship to join Iron Maiden. You can’t blame Blaze for that – like getting a  transfer from Villa to Barcelona – and to be fair he seemed the perfect fit for the Irons. How we all to know that it just wouldn’t work out!

And so it’s a shame for everyone that Wolfsbane didn’t conquer the world. But you can’t keep a few good men down and they did release a pretty damn fine album in 2012 in “Wolfsbane Save the World“. A joyous affair, it pissed all over the Van Halen album that was put out at about the same time, and if Eddie and Diamond Dave were ever to listen to Wolfsbane Save the World it may have reminded them what they were all about many moons ago…



But before we go, we’ve saved the best for last…and this needs some praise!

For in 1990, Wolfsbane released the best damn 6 track EP in the history of the known universe!

All Hell’s Breaking Loose Down at Little Kathy Wilson’s House ” is the jewel of the recorded Wolfsbane canon.

All six tracks on the EP are just fabulous…

Side 1: “Steel” – all muscles and serious riffery with intent to maim; “Paint the Town Red” – a riotous pub crawl of a tune culminating in a whirlwind of pints, shots and kebabs ; and then the marvellously pumelling “Loco” with the nuts intro by the much underrated Jase Edwards. In fact Jase, sparkles throughout this EP. His playing utterly utterly brilliant.

Side 2: Imagine the ballad “Hey Babe” being crooned by Blaze to some some swooning lass from the Midlands. Yep, you got it. Finish off with infectious “Totally Nude” and the mighty title track and you have Wolfsbane perfection.

Be a Howling Mad Shithead and listen to the whole thing now. Now you bloody idiots!

You better just have listened to that.


We praise them. You should too.

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