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Dear Mr Intertwit,

As you know I am approaching being a teenager and my banker parents still don’t like me. Sometimes they slap me in the face for no apparent reason and I say ‘why??’. They say they don’t like my face and it’s not personal.

In addition, Mr Intertwit, they tell me to try working harder so I can make it to the city and pass on all of this to my children.  It’s tough here in the upper classes I can tell you. Daddy asked me about Brexit this evening (resulting in slap number 2) and I realise my knowledge is inadequate. I’ve heard that you can help.

Here’s a very basic question to get us going (and hopefully to avoid slap 3):

As you know Mr Intertwit, Article 50 of the 2009 Lisbon Treaty is all about how a member state leaves the European Union (that’s also called the EU sometimes), with a 2 year period between the member state “triggering” the Article and the day that the state leaves.

That’s all well and good but what about other articles – articles 50+ onwards? Please can you talk me through them to keep slapping down to a minimum. Daddy has had another hard day as bonuses have been sub-6-figures this afternoon. I think I’m in danger.


Problem Child

Future Banker

Medium Twit Asked on 9th April 2019 in I'm confused.
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