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Want to leave your job? Of course you do. It’s a burden and you could be doing much better things with your time.

Let us know how you’d most┬álike to resign and I’ll do the same at my present place of work (once I’m financially secure).

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  • BobMunkee 2016-01-04

    I’d like to ride through my office on a pony, resignation letter between my teeth, while swirling the flaming and severed heads of my enemies. Would this be an acceptable way of resigning?


    • HertfordTwit 2016-01-04

      Bob, that would indeed be an acceptable form of resignation if you lived in the 12th century as Thomas A Beckett can testify to.

      I like the pony idea but try substituting the severed and flaming heads for something less bloody. Perhaps a severed and flaming root vegetable.


  • Minor Twerp 2016-01-09

    As I’m self employed running my own company, I’ve like to send myself a fairly stern letter which starts with “You utter idiot. I quit”. The beauty of this though is that I’ve already planned a draft reply which starts with “You utter idiot. You can’t, your talking to yourself you daft twat”. That’s how I’d resign anyway.


    • HertfordTwit 2016-01-10

      Many people think that working for yourself solves many problems and gives you an extra sense of freedom. Minor Twerp you may be disproving that theory.

      I hope your business continues to thrive.


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