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The Two Kevins is a sitcom in progress – based on real life situations that could happen to any two normal chaps…

Background – Kevin Hanlon & Kevin Ferguson are two friends who live in the same flat together. They also work for the same local authority in North London. Kevin H works in Finance, Kevin F works in IT.


Episode 1 – The Email


Kevin H enters room (great applause). Kevin F is already in the room.

Kevin H: Alright Kev?

Kevin F: Yes, fine thanks. Had a strange email from some woman called Lena Tyler asking if I was busy? Do you know her? This isn’t a case of mistaken identity is it?

Kevin H: Hmm…could be. I’m called Kevin as well. And I do know someone called Lena Tyler so it could be a simple case of mistaken identity. Anyway, she’s a total fruitcake so I’d stay well clear if I was you.

Kevin F: Wow! Mistaken identity? That’s hilarious isn’t it??

Kevin H: Yes, it’s extremely funny. I’ll be off now then.

Kevin F: Bye then.

Kevin H: Yes, bye.



29 minute theme tune – a drum solo by Ian Paice of Deep Purple




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  • BobMunkee 2015-12-31

    This is absolutely hilarious! Apart from the dialogue and jokes that is. Otherwise it’s fabulous! Just fabulous. I ‘d watch it if it were on the telly for sure! It would probably get a BAFTA or at least a TV Choice award. Ha Ha HA. That’s how funny I think it is!


  • BobMunkee 2016-01-04

    I’m still laughing some days later.


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