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EPISODE 3 – Toner Cartridge


Kevin H is at home in the 2 Kevin’s flat. There is a knock at the door.

KH:         Hmm, I wonder who that is? I expect it’s an opportunity for more Kevin related mistaken identity hilarity. I wonder if it will be as hilarious as that episode with the woman and the email?

KH opens the door to find a very attractive woman wearing just underwear.

Woman: Hello, my name is Kelly Brook. I’m a world famous underwear model and all round lovely lady. I’ve just moved in upstairs and I’ve got a problem with my new computer. I understand that there’s someone called Kevin who lives in this flat and can help me with just this sort of thing.

KH:         Oh, I see you’ll need to speak to Kevin Fer….do you always just wear your underwear?

KB:         Pretty much, I find it more comfortable to wear just my underwear.

KH:         I see. Well, you’re in luck. My name is Kevin Ferguson, I live here and I know all about computers. Would you like me to come upstairs and have a look?

KB:         Yes please, you’re my hero!

KH:         Will you be putting on any clothes?

KB:         Not at all, in fact I may have to remove some more as all the radiators appear to be stuck on the highest level. Do you know anything about radiators Kevin?

KH:         Sorry, that’s not my area of expertise at all. Probably best to stick to plan and remove your clothes as you feel necessary.

3 hours later….KH is back in the 2 Kevin’s flat. KF enters.

 KF:          Hello Kevin. How you doing?

KH:         Quite well thanks, a bit tired. I’ve been helping our new neighbour change the toner cartridge on her printer.

 KF:          Toner cartridge? That sounds like my area of expertise. Was she asking for the wrong Kevin do you think? My name’s Kevin as well. Hang on this isn’t a case of mistaken identity again is it?

 KH:         No. No there wasn’t any instances of mistaken identity whatsoever. Everyone knew who everyone was and it couldn’t have been clearer to all concerned. No one was confused and there were no hilarious consequences at all. None at all. None.

KF:          Shame, those mistaken identity things are funny. Do you remember that woman who sent me the email?

KH:         Yes that was funny. Funnier than the Kevin Costner thing anyway.

KF:          Anyway, what’s the new neighbour like?

KH:         Very pleasant but she’s no underwear model.




27 MINUTES OF THEME TUNE – a drum solo by Carl Palmer when he was in Atomic Rooster



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  • BobMunkee 2016-01-18

    Episode 3! I’m not joking but my sides have literally split. Literally.

    Oscars all round!


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