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Here ’s the latest round of results from the rip roaring world of American Gridiron football.

Take me out to the ball park!

Columbus Rear Admirals 2 Sacramento Asthmatics 42
Portland Sternums 14 Montana Coffins 28
Wisconsin Rhubarbs 35 Nevada Tinnitus 12
Cleveland Spanners 7 Detroit Spinners 0
Des Moines Rubbers 34 Baltimore Pork 35
Little Rock Pencil Sharpeners 15 Kansas City Beatitudes 28
Houston Detergents 7 Houston North End 6
Vermont Haberdashers 24 Tampa Bay Renal Units 50
Spokane Evangelists 15 Arizona Melon Ballers 28
Idaho Leathers 77 Oregon Candelabras 6
Dayton Ankle Knockers 14 Sacramento Escalopes 32
Salt Lake City Adulterers 12 Bismarck Granules 98
Cincinnati Donkeys 0 Omaha Spaniels 6



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