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Intertwit.com would like to visit Norway.

“Why’s that?” you say.

Well fellow Intertwitter there are some obvious, if not immediately compelling, reasons. Norway has, for example,  a lot of oil, gas, minerals and lumber. This makes them one of the richest countries in the world according to all those economist chaps apparently. That’s nice for Norwegians we would expect.

It also has a lot of lovely scenery, especially all the “fiddly bits round the coast” to paraphrase Douglas Adams’ character Slartibartfast from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. If we went to Norway we’d probably have a look at some fjords and somesuch.

So far so good you say. But what else?

Well, Norway is home to Intertwit’s favourite TV comedy of the last 12 months. The mighty “Dag”. A situation comedy about a marriage guidance counsellor who advises most of his clients to get a divorce. It’s funnier than it sounds as this image of Dag indicates:


Check it out it’s very funny.

But really why we want to go to Norway is because of the music. We love, absolutely LOVE Norwegian Heavy Metal. Yes we do. We really really do. Especially if it’s by the mighty and extreme Enslaved or the unashamed metal Gods Kvelertak. We admit this stuff isn’t going to be for everyone and it won’t be played anywhere mainstream or on Eurovision but we don’t care much for that sort of thing in any case do we?

Enslaved we’ve loved for a number of years and their “wall of metal” sound just pummels and destroys. Their guitars are forged in metal. If you don’t believe us then listen to “Thoughts Like Hammers“, “Building with Fire” (you could almost dance to this one..for a couple of minutes) or “Daylight“. Enslaved have been in existence for 25 years now and they will last forever. That’s a fact.

Kvelertak are a different kettle of herring altogether. Riff upon riff upon riff. A mixture of Punk, Black Metal and good old rawk held together by the screaming vocals of the owl-hatted Erlend Hjelvik, Kvelertak are an irresistible force.  Their lyrics are entirely in Norwegian so we’ve absolutely no idea what they are on about. But it sounds great.

Erlend Hjelvik and Owl

Erlend Hjelvik and Owl

Responsible for two of our favourite albums of the past few years in “Kvelertak” and “Meir” they”ve just gone and done it again with their fabulous new album “Nattesferd”.

Here’s a song of each album to convince you of our unshakeable belief in this band.

From Kvelertak: Mjød

From Meir: Bruanne Brenn

From Nattesferd: Heksebrann

They are great aren’t they?

Norway. Bring on the herring and wear your double denim. We can’t wait to get on the ferry.


Interesting Norwegian Fact:

Trolls do exist. Watch this and believe.


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  • BobMunkee 2016-05-30

    Do they make lego in Norway?


  • HertfordTwit 2016-05-30

    No Bob, Lego originates in Norway’s close neighbours Denmark.


  • BobMunkee 2016-05-30

    That’s a shame. I will not visit Norway. Your piece has been completely wasted on me.


  • Stompy 2016-05-30



  • HertfordTwit 2016-05-31

    Quite right Stompy, A-HA and their fantastically chiselled cheekbones were an inspiration to many a Scandinavian extreme metal outfit back in the mid-1980’s.


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