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Welcome to the new range of Intertwit Greetings cards celebrating and remembering things that sometimes go unnoticed in life.

Our first set of cards celebrates the momentous occasion of buying or being given a new hat! Hurrah!


But we also remember hats past that have gone to the great millinery shop in the sky…


Just the thing I’m sure you agree to comfort the distraught hat wearer in your life.


And to celebrate National Ham Sandwich Day on 14th July look at this card you can give your favourite Ham Sandwich fan!

Ham Sandwich Day Ham Sandwich Day Inner


We’re looking forward to National Ham Sandwich Day!

More Greeting cards will follow hard on the heels of the inevitable success of these ones we reckon! And if you’d like us to create you a card for something out of the ordinary then let us know!

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  • BingoCaracas 2016-06-14

    I’m so glad that the Ham Sandwich has at last been recognised with it’s own day! Well done for recognising its importance to the well-being of our nation.

    However, I do not wear hats and furthermore I do not consort with people who do. I will not be purchasing your hat greeting cards. This is wasted on me. Buck your ideas up Intertwit!


    • Minor Twerp 2016-06-14

      Buy a hat and live the dream BingoCaracas. I was living in the gutter just 2 months ago, then I bought a top end hat (from donations) and now I live in a mansion, have a beautiful wife, and amazing, perfectly behaved kids and on top of that I’ve got my weight down to 38 stone – and the majority of my rashes have gone. Think on.


  • Minor Twerp 2016-06-14

    I’ve just bought a hat (kind of a cap really) along with some vented gloves so might be up for some of the hat cards. They’re special. However,I’d like to know who the “designer” is. Is he/she OK?


    • HertfordTwit 2016-06-14

      Minor Twerp, I’m not saying the designer is Banksy. I’m just saying. That’s put an idea in your head hasn’t it.

      Well it’s not Banksy. so get that idea right out of you head this instant.

      All I’m really at liberty to tell you is that they are OK. Just OK.


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