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You better believe it everbody! Next Thursday 14 July 2016 is National Ham Sandwich Day!


After years of lobbying by the National Ham Sandwich Board (NHSB), fans of the humble ham sandwich have been rewarded with their very own day.

The NHSB chairperson, Olivia Newton John has issued this statement in support of the 1st ever National Ham Sandwich Day:

A Message from the President

A Message from the President

Crusty, sourdough, artisan rolls, granary, medium sliced white. Whatever you do with your bread make sure you put ham in between it!

Events are being held at the following train stations on 14th July. Just turn up, take your ham sandwich out and eat.

Norfolk: Buxton Lammas

Liverpool: Brocklebank Dock & West Derby

Wales: Tan-y-Manod & Hadnock Halt

Yorkshire: Halifax St Pauls

Staffordshire: Hammerwich

Bedfordshire: Luton Hoo

Scotland: Dalry Junction & Galston

Northern Ireland: Fintona Junction, Co Down & Annakeera Crossing, Co Armagh

Send us your pictures in of you celebrating National Ham Sandwich Day 2016. The best one will be awarded a signed picture of Olivia eating a ham sandwich. And if there’s any of her sandwich left we’ll send you that as well!

Have a great inaugural ham sandwich day everyone!


ps Don’t forget your National Ham Sandwich Day Greetings Cards  

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  • BingoCaracas 2016-07-12

    Are you flamin’ kidding me. National Ham Sandwich Day? A complete waste of time and it’so ne of the main reasons I voted to leave. Or stay. I can’t really remember now it was weeks ago…

    Anyway, I like cheese.


  • BobMunkee 2016-07-12

    I love ham. But I have a severe gluten intolerance so I don’t eat bread or bread-like products. Once again an article is wasted on me Intertwit. Tell me, what exactly is your point??


  • OnionTerror 2016-07-13

    Onions. I like onions. I put them in everything. Even my tea. I will be joining in the celebratory nature of the 1st National Ham Sandwich Day but I will be including onions.


  • Boychap 2016-07-13

    Ham Sandwich day? what is the world coming to. I bet it won’t be 2 bits of doughy white bread with a thin slice of value processed mean in the middle. It’s a sign of the Hipster culture sweeping across our land like a unwanted rash. I bet it has to be some sort of flashy “taste the difference” ham, or honey glazed ham from hand reared pedigree British saddleback hogs on some kind of Artisan Foccacia. I for one won’t be engaging in this and will be sticking to my corned beef or spam sandwiches with a pickled egg.


    • HertfordTwit 2016-07-14

      Boychap, thanks for you comment. Just so you know, the National Ham Sandwich Board is an all inclusive organisation so if you want to eat wafer thin processed ham from any of the well known discount supermarkets between two slices of StayFresh medium white then you just go ahead and do it!

      Have some for your tea right now or perhaps as a light snack before you retire for the evening. You’ve still got 5 hours plus of the inaugural National Ham Sandwich Day 2016 left so put your pickled egg down this instant and join in the fun right now!


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