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Recently, Intertwit.com went on a discovery of expedition to the jewel of Shropshire that is Shrewsbury.

While we were there we learnt a lot about leopards (look up the heraldry behind Shrewsbury) went to some pubs and drunk quite a bit of beer. We also made a point of visiting a brewery. The brewery in question was the marvellous Salopian Brewing Company. And that’s why Intertwit.com’s Beer of the Month for August 2016 is actually a Brewery of the Month!



We’ve been a fan of Salopian ales for quite some time and when we got to thinking about going on a trip to a brewery this was right at the top of our list. Over the past few years they’ve gained an award winning reputation for producing clean, refreshing, hoppy, zesty and downright tasty beers.

And when we visited the rather neat and tidy Brewery Tap…



Still Inside

Still Inside

…there were a selection of 8 beers to try – in the interest of consumer choice we had a go at them all:

On draught :



Golden Thread  5%                                      Hop Twister 4.5%

Matrix 4.2%                                                     Shropshire Gold 3.8%


On Keg:

...and more beers...

…and more beers…

Kashmir 5.5%                                                 Slipstream  5.1%

..yet more beers

..yet more beers

Lemon Dream 4.5%                                     Kinetic 6.5%

Most highly recommended were Golden Thread & Kinetic but the Blood Orange infused Slipstream has to be drunk to be believed. You could have this for breakfast with your cornflakes and toast.

We can’t recommend Salopian highly enough here at intertwit.com so if you’re ever in the Hadnall area of Shrewsbury on the first weekend of the month between 12 & 5pm then pay them a visit for flips sake! You’d be a twit not to.

For more info on visiting Shrewsbury and drinking beer read this important and comprehensive document: Shrewsbury2016

Next month should see us to return our standard format of issuing an award to a single beer…unless there’s any breweries out there who would like us to visit them…

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  • BobMunkee 2016-08-23

    Carol Decker came from Shrewsbury. Did you see her about at all?


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