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Each year the real ale organisation CAMRA has a great big 5 day beano in London called the Great British Beer Festival.

Celebrating the marvellous diversity of the UK real ale industry there’s hundreds and hundreds of beers to sample, imbibe, spill and soil. There’s also a stack of beers from Europe and the Americas. Nothing from Australia though. That would be daft.

Intertwit.com felt it was our duty to attend such a prestigious event so off we popped to the marvellous indoor arena that is Olympia in swanky West London. There we were spoilt for choice with IPA’s, porters, stouts, pale ales, golden bitters and all sorts of things. There was also lots of meat pies but that’s a topic for another day.

CAMRA have their own awards ceremony to crown the champion beers each year – Bingham’s Vanilla Stout was their overall champion – so we’d thought we’d announce of own Champion Beers of the 2016 Festival.

So here’s our favourite 5 in no particular order:


VOCATION Chop & Change 4.5%

Chop & Change 4.5%

An ever changing hoppy delight from the Hebden Bridge lads. Brewed with cascade hops although the ever changing nature of this beer means it might never taste like this again. Lovely to drink Vocation from a draught pump rather than a can.


Tiny Rebel Juicy 4.8%

         Tiny Rebel
          Juicy 4.8%

Glorious fruity heaven from the Welsh wizards. Beer for lilt drinkers. Marvellous.


Heavy Industry 77 4.9%

      Heavy Industry
            77  4.9%

More Welsh fabulousness but from Denbighshire this time! Heavy Industry are new to us buts lets hope they continue in this direction as this highly drinkable amber pint was possibly our favourite of the festival.


Bridgehouse Brewery Cherry Choc Stout 6.0%

  Bridgehouse Brewery
Cherry Choc Stout 6.0%

A sweet and luscious stout packed with cherries and yes you can taste the chocolate. A winner from another Yorkshire brewery which is situated quite close to the Bronte Parsonage Museum. A win double for all stout and literature fans!


Moor Beer Company Nor' Hop 4.1%

    Moor Beer Company
       Nor’ Hop 4.1%

Unfined hazy pale beer from Bristol. Summers were made for this although we’d quite happily drink it from September to May…

We could have put another 10 beers in here and Harvey’s Lewes Castle Brown Ale would definitely been featured if our photographer hadn’t become confused and taken a picture of a lady selling pork pies instead…still there’s always next year!

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  • BobMunkee 2016-08-23

    Thanks for this article. It’s only a pity that the Great British Beer Festival was 2 weeks ago so I’ll never be able to try these beers! You idiots intertwit.com!

    Once again I say, what is your point? No really. What is it?


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