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Everybody Loves Raymond is a comedy show that appears to be on Channel 4 every weekday morning between 7.30 & 8am.

I have no idea why and I don’t know anyone who has ever watched it. Including me. So I’ve no idea whether to recommend it to anyone. What’s the point, there’s no one watching it anyway.

Apparently it stars a bloke who looks a bit like Jerry Seinfeld. Maybe that’s the joke.

Ha ha.

Ray - He looks a bit like Jerry Seinfeld

Ray – He looks a bit like Jerry Seinfeld

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  • BingoCaracas 2016-08-23

    Well I find Ray Romano to be a bit of a comedy genius. A bit like a young Craig Charles in my opinion,. Or Tracey Ullman.

    Give it a go. It’s better than watching that Piers Morgan idiot.


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