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Intertwit.com cannot be accused of not going that extra mile in search of lovely beer for you all. No, we travel far and we travel wide.

And so it came to pass that while we were going for a stroll the other day in the Lake District (yes that Lake District in the North-west of England) we came across the remote, tiny single post-boxed but double-pubbed hamlet of Nether Wasdale.

Pub number one was a nice enough Robinsons house called The Screes. The décor was a bit odd in that it seemed to want to look like a trendy Shoreditch \ Hoxton affair with kitsch 1970’s LP covers all over the place. We couldn’t see the connection with the natural beauty that surrounds it but hey we don’t run pubs…and for a good reason I expect.

Across the road however is The Strands.


And what a pub this is. Homely, welcoming and run by friendly staff serving up great homecooked food. But more importantly it has it’s own microbrewery. The Strands only serves it’s own ale which some may consider brave if your beer isn’t upto scratch. Well, actually the beer isn’t just up to scratch it’s flipping outstanding. And the bar had a choice of 6 different ones to boot ranging from dark to light and all points in between.

Here’s what was on offer when we visited:


All of them were eminently drinkable especially the dark and roasty 4.9% T’Errmmm-inator, the 4.3% Strands Best Bitter and the light and crisp 3.8% Scafell Summit.

However the intertwit.com Beer of the month goes to the Strands Brewery Elderflower Bitter 4.0%

elder2 elder1

When brewers say that their beer tastes of chocolate \ raspberry \ nettles \ custard etc then we like to actually taste that it in the beer. The Strands Elderflower bitter certainly packs an elderflower punch but not in a cloying “cordial” fashion. It’s refreshing , zesty and just the thing after a walk by the nearby Wastwater or up the slopes of England’s highest mountain Scafell Pike.

Go get you walking boots on and head down to the Strands Inn, Nether Wasdale, Cumbria. You might not want to come back

Beer Colour: Pale.

Strength: At 4% you’ll be fine for walking after 3 or 4

Best time to drink it: After a low-key hike.

If you must eat food with this: Kendal Mint Cake or Cumberland ring sausages

Overall Rating: 7.88 (out of 10).


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  • BobMunkee 2016-09-24

    Elderflower has laxative properties. Are you trying to make me soil myself? You idiots Intertwit.com


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