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We’ve been listening to a bit of new music here at Intertwit.com of late. So much so in fact that we’ve decided to rename October to something more appropriate – yes that’s right it’s now called Rocktober!!! Brilliant eh? We hope you see what we did there.

So what exactly have we been getting our tennis rackets out and standing in front of the mirror to??

Well, this lot for a start:

Drive-By Truckers: American Band

The Drive By Truckers are a truly great American band and their new album just confirms this even more to us.

Here’s the opening track.

Good isn’t it?

The Truckers frontmen Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley have always written songs about their native South and American Band is no different except they’re a bit angry at the moment what with one thing and another. We’re not political animals at intertwit.com but these songs are going to make you think and if that hurts your head then so be it. This might just be the record of the year.

Also a bit p*ssed off are these guys:

Marillion: F.E.A.R. (F*** Everything And Run)


It’s about 30 years since Marillion were in the charts with Kayleigh. That’s a long time ago but most people know them just for that song. This is a great shame because with their new singer (errr…since 1989) Steve Hogarth they’ve developed into a full blown progressive rock cult making consistently great albums. Check out 1994’s Brave or 2004’s Marbles if you don’t believe us.

Adding to the list of these great albums is the surprisingly swearily titled F.E.A.R.  Hogarth is pretty pissed off with everything really – the world is a bloody mess and it’s not going to get better anytime soon. Lucky for him then that he has the genius of Steve Rothery (guitar) & Mark Kelly (keyboards) to constantly weave melody upon soaring melody to lift the gloom. Listen to The New Kings up embedded above. It’s rather good.

Rothery in particular has to be the most underrated guitarist the UK has ever produced – his distinctive tone always lifts anything he’s plays on.

Actually we could also say the same about Ian Mosley, perhaps the most understated, restrained yet beautifully rhythmic drummer that ever sat on a drum stool.

Marillion. Bloody Great. Album of the Year? Might be…


OK, like them? Then how about a bit more contemporary English prog rock with:

The Pineapple Thief: Your Wilderness

Bruce Soord has been producing excellent albums under the guise of The Pineapple Thief since 1999. Often compared to Porcupine Tree and more closely Radiohead (when they used to write songs rather than release the series of clicks, beeps and narwhal horn percussion they seem to these days) The Pineapple Thief record great quality melodic hard rock prog (we’re not very good at describing things).

The latest album, Your Wilderness, adds to their canon with possibly their strongest set of songs yet. Aided by Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree) on drums the 8 tracks whizz by in a blur of melody and fabulous Soord guitar work. Our current favourite is the sublime Take Your Shot. Song of the year? Probably. Go on, buy it. They don’t have much spare cash.


Ok, next we’re off to Scandinavia…again. We’ve put a few things on intertwit.com about our love of Scandinavian (especially Norwegian) metal types but let’s hop across on a few trolls to Sweden instead!

Opeth – Sorceress

Metal prog giants Opeth’s latest long player. It’s what you expect from these guys these days. Some prog jazz noodling, a dash of folk whimsy, some heavy heavy riffs and fabulous virtuoso musicianship. Title track Sorceress actually manages to encompass most of these things in under six minutes. A must listen for any modern metal fan.


Right then, our last album recommendation…

Tribulation – The Children of The Night

Although we’re partial to a bit of death metal we’ve never heard of these Swedes. In fact this album was released last year so we must have been down the pub when that happened.

But how exactly did we miss it? Because this album is absolutely flipping fantabulous. A work of brilliance. A stone cold classic. It’s really, really good. Really.

This is death metal you can dance to. Children of The Night has swagger, sway and fluidity. It rocks beautifully. Listen to track number 2 on here –  Melancholia – and tell us that all that we’ve just said is rubbish. You can’t because it fecking brilliant.

And then to make sure go and listen to The Motherhood of God. It just shimmers. We are swooning here.

In fact listen to the whole album here at intertwit.com. We absolutely 110% guarantee you’ll be painting a death mask on your face by the time final track Music From the Other‘s sorrowfully beautiful chords have crashed to their climactic finale.

Sometimes something is so beautiful you can scarce comprehend it.

Album of the decade.


We’ll do this again when we find some more musical stuff we like. Might be next month, could be never…

On the other hand if there’s something out there that you think we would like then just let us know!












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  • BobMunkee 2016-10-14

    Music is it? I’m quite partial to military marching bands myself so your article on modern popular music is of no interest to me whatsoever. Again, I’d find you wanting Intertwit.

    It’s a good thing I don’t have to pay you any form of subscription as I’d be demanding a full refund as well further recompense for incessant time wasting.



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