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We always like to tell you about music that we’ve been listening to so you can all make a point of studiously avoiding it in future.  Here’s what’s been floating our collective boats in 2017:


Mastodon – Emperor of Sand

This mob are a bloody great band and while people might moan about them being less “heavy” than their early albums they have developed into a true progressive outfit. Witness this mixture of mosh and melody if you don’t believe us.


Pallbearer – Heartless

Crushingly heavy doom from Little Rock, Arkansas. You’ll hate this for sure.


KXM – Scatterbrain

2nd album from the Dug Pinnick (King’s X) George Lynch (Dokken) and Ray Luzier (Korn) super-ish group playing the sort of stuff that will never garner praise from anywhere outside the rock fraternity. An excellent rock album full of great musicality and musicianship. We love this in particular


Amplifier – Trippin’ With Dr Faustus

Cult greatness from a band with a hardcore of about 300 fans we reckon. They don’t seem to put any bad albums out and they’ve been going for years. Like Hawkwind with big riffs…actually not like Hawkwind at all…well maybe a bit. More power to them.



The Magpie Salute – The Magpie Salute

New Marc Ford & Rich Robinson outfit. Most of this album is Black Crowes stuff and makes you miss that band terribly terribly. A full album of new tunes is due to be released in 2018 and we hope it sounds like Omission below. Expect us to review it…in 2019


Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit – The Nashville Sound

Jason Isbell’s songwriting continues to develop beautifully. He really is quite flipping good.


Enslaved – E

More utterly superb Prog black death from Norway. Nuff said.

**Spoiler alert – This track has saxophone on it **


Ryan Adams – Prisoner

Ryan Adams knocks out albums like we eat twiglets at Christmas. That means a lot. Possibly our favourite album of the year, Adams takes the best bits of Springsteen and the Smiths and gives it a bit of twang. His voice is superb always as this live version of “To Be Without You” confirms.


Steven Wilson – To The Bone

Is this our fave album of the year? Possibly. What it is is another superbly crafted and beautifully played suite of songs. Wilson is the man right now in prog and will be for years to come. We saw lots of reviews saying this album was his “accessible” Peter Gabriel pop album but it’s much better than that as Wilson is essentially a guitar player so there’s still lots of catchy riffery and prog noodling on it on it rather than plinky plonky 80’s synth which Gabriel would have done. So there.


Song of the Year….

Anathema – Springfield

This band are so good and so criminally ignored that it is just boring by now. They deserve greatness. This song is from their latest Optimist album and it’s quintessential Anathema.

Stuff we missed in 2016…

Yep, we’re behind the times pretty much but thought we’d mention these 2 as we’ve listened to them a lot in 2017

Alcest – Kodama

Black death shoegaze…or so they say. From France but don’t let that put you off.


King Goat – Conduit

We hope these guys get a fair crack of the whip. A British metal band from Brighton and they make a fabulous racket. Let’s have some more soon.


Finally we’re looking forward to the new album from this lot due out in March 2018. SCANDINAVIA. It rocks.


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  • BobMunkee 2018-02-03

    Didn’t David Cassidy have an album out last year? What about his latest work? Come on you t*ssers.


  • BobMunkee 2018-02-03

    Apparently David Cassidy did not release an album in 2017 but that doesn’t mean you can’t do an album retrospective of his works from 1972-1976.

    My previous sentiment therefore still stands.

    Come on you t*ssers.


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