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Yay, it’s Superbowl time this weekend when the Philadelphia Eagles line up against the New England Patriots! And as we’ve no idea what we’re talking about we thought we would delve a bit deeper into American Irongrid Football and check out a few scores from the lower league teams in the US of A…so here they are


Bismarck Dandies 39 Arkansas Chuggabugs 4
Seattle Spaniards 14 Sacramento Scandalsheets 15
Corpus Christi Hosts 45 Salt Lake City Chasubles 0
Baton Rouge Cherrypies 9 Idaho Warrants 25
Minneapolis Jizzlobbers 25 Spokane Handshandies 26
Wichita Beermats 11 Tampa Bastards 50
Lubbock Impressionists 14 Yonkers Kandinskys 20
Winston-Salem Lungdiseases 19 Nevada Securitytags 27
Yonkers Park Avenue 35 Shreveport North End 34
Brownsville Reds 14 Sioux Falls Plastercasts 90
Pomana Jack Russells 30 Escondido Iglesias 4
Pasadena Audiobullys 12 Utah Saints 12
Waco Compounds 19 Denton Internments 35
Gainsville Dependants 1 Topeka Converts 2
Rochester Souvlaki 40 Peoria Cricketbats 27



Great stuff from the Bismarck Dandies where star Quarterpounder Todd Machinist threw for 3 Touchpunts, forced 5 intercostal breakdowns in the corridor of scrimmage and kicked a cow into Row Z scoring another 7 points.

Wooo! Etc.

Join us for more American sports when the baseball season starts sometime in a few months. Expect in depth reporting of home runs, batting averages and hotdog eating overtime competitions!


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