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Yes or no?

Thanking you.

Minor Twerp Major Twit Asked on 2016-06-14 in Music.
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Minor Twerp, like Gloria Gaynor’s reaction first we were afraid, then we were petrified at the thought of Axl Rose joining AC\DC.

First off, AC\DC are a punctual outfit. Fortunately we reckon that Mr Rose was threatened with some fairly swift Australian retribution if he thought about turning up 4 hours late to a gig because he wanted to have the hem of his kilt let down by 2mm.

Secondly, Axl is a bit of a po-faced twat on occasion. A large part of both Bon Scott & Brian Johnson’s charm was their tongues were always firmly in their cheek. They had a sense of humour and didn’t take themselves too seriously. Axl? Well he likes to think he’s a bit serious doesn’t he. Look at the video for November Rain…exactly

And 3rd well, it’s Axl bleeding Rose. What does he know about AC/DC?

Well, as it turns out, quite a bit because the bits we’ve seen on the old YouTube actually look and sound pretty damn good. Respectful to Bon and Brian, Axl brings a bit of charm to his performances and he knows who the star of the show is. And that is still Angus and the songs.

So well done Axl Rose. You’re not such a twat after all.


Chief Twit Answered on 2016-06-19.
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