RE: Curly Kale recipes please

I have been led to believe by many celebrity chefs that curly kale is the new superfood.

Unfortunately I have as yet been unable to include it any of my own recipes as it tastes like eating a load of dark green cardboard no matter how I cook it.

Can you help Interwit? Please!

NikkiH Minor Twit Asked on 2016-01-10 in Cooking.
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Dear NikkiH,

I’ve got an excellent Curly Kale Doner Kebab recipe. When ordering your next kebab ask for all of the salad options (including Curly Kale – they might just have it). Go outside and immediately identify the nearest bin. Ditch all of the items in the kebab that are not made from either pitta, lamb (eyeballs and testicles etc.) or chilli sauce. Then consume it. You’ll feel great about asking for all the salad (you’ll remember that in the morning) but may have forgotten about the bin incident. You’ll also have shaved off 10 calories thereby taking it down to (on average) 980 calories – and for some of us calorie counters, that saving really stacks up day after day.

Major Twit Answered on 2016-01-12.
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