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As you know I’ve asked a few searching questions on Intertwit and your answers have been at least average (sometimes slightly above my minimum threshold, sometimes slightly below). You’re “OK”.

Now that I’m 9 years old (and 8 months) I think I may be too enriched with deep knowledge for Intertwit. I think we could assume that?

That said I like you (in the loosest sense of that term) and I feel some mild affection towards you (unlike my current regard to my parents).

So I’ll give it another go to see if you have that ┬ákind of “top level” intelligence that I personally live with on a daily basis myself – which, incidentally, for the record, would be much enhanced in private school education if my parents stopped investing in gin and could direct funds sensibly with the longer term picture in mind.

So my question: Is it true you that you are the originator of the “2017 – the year of custard”? I eat custard.I like it.

No need to get back in a hurry on that one. I’m massively busy.

Problem Child




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Adoptions? Probably not problem Child.

Apprenticeships? I’ll be answering that question more fully shortly. Suffice to say 2017 could be big for us all…

Chief Twit Answered on 2016-12-31.
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