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I really heart Ed Sheeran but I really wish there was more of him and his small handed acoustic guitar joyousness in this world.

Tell me, does Ed have any brothers like him and, if so, what are the chances of the said Sheeran Brothers forming a group like Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran, The Partridge Family, The Osmonds, The Allmans, The Beverley sisters or Bros?


BingoCaracas Minor Twit Asked on 2017-12-28 in Music.
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Well Bingo, you are in luck. It just so happens that Ed has a load of brothers and 2018 could be the year that they form the Partridge family style outfit of you dreams. Here’s what the full lineup would probably look like:


Ed Sheeran (on small hands and small acoustic guitar)




Ted Sheeran on bass


Fred Sheeran also on bass


Jed Sheeran on Drums and percussion (mainly maracas)


Ned Sheeran on keyboards

…errrm..then we have

Shed Sheeran on lap steel and gardening tools.

…and then…


…wait for it…


…hang on nearly there…


Sheep Sheeran on lead guitar and mint sauce with a herb crust


We thank you. maybe be sidelining in terrible and contrived jokes throughout 2018.

Chief Twit Answered on 2017-12-28.
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