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Now that you dummkopfs have stopped bickering incessantly about whether you want to leave the EU with or without the authority of your parliament, or by the will of your “provincial” pitchfork bearing, foot and inches, pounds and pint recidivists, this leaves one significant question.

What is the anthem for leaving the European Union.
(not leaving Europe as some numpty Jaywick residents think, mind you with climate change, (that obviously no longer exists, but if it did), then Jaywick will soon be the new Atlantis, without the mystical glamour). Anyway, I digress

We could go for the obvious “It’s the end of the world as I know it” but let’s try harder.

I suggest

Henry Rollins Band- Liar. Don’t mess with Henry. When he has a point to make, he makes it. He points a stick, and it’s pointy. Ouch! Great vocals, in song and spoken. Check it out.
Sound garden – Like suicide
With the shit going down at the moment you may think think this the best solution, or adopt Trump’s Final Solution. Anyway, this is a fantastic song, with amazing drums throughout from Matt Cameron, which is a given with Mr Cameron.
Kings X- The Burning Down
Just listen to this song and even better the whole album. Burning down may be where we are heading, but let’s enjoy the moment with some good music along the way.

if there’s any left,

Peace and love

JohnOB Major Twit Asked on 2017-02-04 in Popular Culture.
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Hi there John O’B, we like where you’re going with the End of The World schtick – all that we would say is keep watching Twitter for any further announcements down that road as that’s where all the news (fake or otherwise) appears to be coming from.

We also like your song choices a helluva lot – and here they are in their full glory.


Henry Rollins – Liar

Jeez, this song is good. Not sure Henry is boyfriend material on this basis mind you.

Our favourite bit: Rollins’ “understanding smile” at 1:31


Soundgarden – Like Suicide

An oft overlooked gem from the Superunknown album.

Our favourite bit: The simultaneous Chris Cornell scream \ Kim Thayil guitar wail at 5:10


King’s X: The Burning Down

The greatest band that nearly made it. We love King’s X.

Our favourite bit: The elongated diminuendo from 2 mins onwards. Live this song has a life of its own and is really quite euphoric…despite the end of the world bit


We’re going to add an extra one on just for you John O’B which hopefully fits the theme.

P J Harvey – Snake

Polly really is hacked off on this sub 2 minute blast of fury. Is she girlfriend material? We’d say yes, but we’d clean the dishes pronto and make sure we’d leave the toilet seat down with no traces of skid marks.

This song is equally applicable to ex-partners, idiotic politicians and duplicitous, disloyal footballers who (covering up their own infidelity) inveigle a move away from the club that saved your career on the basis that you are homesick.

Our favourite bit: The whole thing is a blast of primal fury but these lines are sang with real venom.

0:16  “You snake, you dog, you fake you liar”

0:44  “You salty dog, you filthy liar”

Great stuff, and she looks like she really enjoying it too!

If anyone else out their would like to share some apocalyptic or just plain angry ditties then let us know…before it’s too late.

Hi there

Chief Twit Answered on 2017-02-05.
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