RE: It’s Hot Isn’t It?

It’s hot isn’t it?

BobMunkee Minor Twit Asked on 2018-07-27 in It's personal.
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Yes it is very warm isn’t it Bob?

As an aside, if you’re having trouble cooling down then try placing a bag of frozen peas under your hat. If you don’t have a hat then tie the frozen peas to your head with a bandage or a large elastic band.

For a more targeted approach to cooling extra hot parts of your body then take individual frozen peas and place them directly on the affected areas. Although the peas will warm up pretty quickly they will provide an instant hit of “iced-pea relief”. You can then reform the individual peas into a fritter of some sort which can then be fried to a make a handy, quick and nutritious snack.

Keep cool!

Chief Twit Answered on 2018-07-27.
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