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In desperate need on an answer. Got issues!

Gibbsieboy Minor Twit Asked on 2016-10-29 in It's personal.
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Hi there GibbsieBoy and thanks for your question. Welcome to the wonderful world of

We’ll give a you pretty quick answer as we reckon you are probably in some distress here. Assuming you’ve tried to simply stay awake until the local bedtime we would say there is only one thing for it where jetlag is concerned. Drink.

Drink GibbsieBoy. Drink alchohol. And continue to drink until you pass out. When you wake up you’ll more than likely be in rhythm with the locals. If you find yourself still slightly askew then simply repeat the drinking \ passing out process until you wake up at the right time.

One word of advice though – try and avoid beer snacks such as squid, dried fish, nuts and beef jerky as this may have debilitating and counter-productive effects unless you are travelling with a multi-purpose mobile commode.

Good luck GibbsieBoy and please let us know how you progress with your “issues”.


Chief Twit Answered on 2016-10-30.
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