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i am muchos confused. In the Uk it is ok to abandon your carrito or trolley adjacent to your car as you drive off your bmw or Mercedes or Audi like some slave will tidy it away in your absence while you get on your I phone and chat to your numpty mates about sweet FA not giving a monkey’s toenail abouth the carrito blowing around the car park you have left into some other motor mobile.   ¿Que?

Lostobillos Medium Twit Asked on 2016-02-06 in I'm confused.
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hola Hertfordtwit,

muchos gracias for your advice. I have just put a deposit (a monitory deposit) on a nice Volvo XC90, something I would not have considered but for your invaluable advice. The salesman said it had the best safety rating, very useful with all those DAMK drivers out there. I briefly considered a Subaru but my knuckles do not drag, so no point. It’s loco out there

Paz y amor





Medium Twit Answered on 2016-02-13.
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