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Hi Twits
I am taking part in the highly challenging World Cup Final of Quizzes (Bengeo Division) and wish to improve my general knowledge in areas such as  flags of the world, diesel locomotives and craters of the moon. I have an Internet PhD in Circular Rainbows, and was a brief holder (about 5 years ) of the Grand Livery of the Cardigan.

Can you suggest some useful generic answers to questions across a broad range of subjects that I can use, and so look impressive to my peers.


JohnOB Major Twit Asked on 2016-01-22 in Popular Culture.
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JohnOB, you’ve already realised that the secret to good quizzing is indeed preparation. Actually, the real secret is knowing the questions and answers before you turn up but I’m assuming the Bengeo Division run a tight ship and aren’t susceptible to FIFA or IAAF style trickery.

In which case here are some sure fire winners that you’ll bound to be asked:


1) Which Country’s gun-toting flag is this?


a) Guernsey
b) Texas
c) Mozambique


2) What type of diesel locomotive is this?

large shunter

a) Small Shunter
b) Medium Shunter
c) Large Shunter


3) In which American state is the Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve?

a) California
b) Ohio
c) Idaho


4) Cardigan Fields is a homogenous looking retail shopping area in which English city?

a) Bristol
b) Leicester
c) Leeds

5) Under which set of circumstances would an individual see a circular rainbow?

a) From an airplane where the horizon cannot interrupt the curvature of the rainbow
b) Heavy Sedation
c) None. they don’t exist


6) What is the capital of Peru?

a) Diss
b) Quito
c) Lima


7)  West Germany won the World Cup in 1974, but which team beat them in that tournament?


a) Wales
b) Sweden
c) East Germany


8) How many surrealists does it take to change a lightbulb?


a) One
b) Four
c) Fish


9) Who slew the monster Grendel?

a) Ross Kemp
b) Fish from Marilion
c) Beowulf


10) David Bowie had large numbers of which garden ornaments in his New York home?
a) Novelty bird boxes
b) Funny signs like “Beware of the Owner” or “Crazy Cat Lady Lives Here” type things
c) Laughing gnomes


Difficult stuff JohnOB? Probably not for someone of your calibre I expect. Just in case, all the answers are b).

Or c).

Chief Twit Answered on 2016-01-22.
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