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Dear Intertwit,

As one of the leading thought provokers in the world of progressive rock, I’ve been researching the constructs of Siberian Khatru  by “Yes” with my colleagues at the Institute here (yes, it’s the Institute of Progressive Rock).

We’ve wasted tonnes of taxpayers money in the process! We’re up to seven figures now and surely that’s money well spent? I suspect the NHS is fine, but haven’t looked to check. Head down on these matters etc.

We like that Siberian Khatru is written in  the key of G major. We also like the four-measure phase. It really great that it consists of 3 bars in common time (4/4) and the final bar in 3/4. Nice touch!

However, when our massive brains are momentarily switched off here at the Institute, we actually prefer “Owner of a Lonely Heart” and “Leave It”.

We’re actually all quite crazy here in our white lab coats and pony tails! (sorry that was a momentary outbreak of emotion/expression – won’t be repeated)..

We assume Rick Wakeman works for you as a key adviser so we look forward to a well advised reply.

So please let us know what we should be analysing.. ..


Minor Twerp Major Twit Asked on 2016-05-09 in Music.
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Some times it is important to look into the present to understand the past. Rick Wakeman drives a high end, high powered German SUV which he says gives him plenty of room for his keyboards, with the back seats down if he is going for the full right angle playing style, while providing a comfortable ride.

It is clear that there is a hidden undercurrent of song titles and lyrics about the desire to have a freedom granting rugged 4×4 vehicle. In much the same way Volkswagen have found inspiration from  the desert in their Toureg, and the less obvious tiger and iguana compression that is the Tiguan, and we won’t mention the Touran. All the above could quite happily be stories weaved into such classics as Machine Messiah or the bang on  trend White Car. So when they switch to 4/4 there is every chance that Jon Anderson is subtly promoting the benefits of all wheel drive, though your guess is good as mine. The key changes do suggest the ability to remain in 4×4 mode for rough terrain or disengage the differential and improve your fuel economy on the open road. In fact many of their songs reflect the need to have as much control and power at your disposal to negotiate the varied surfaces, or the impenetrable lyrics of many, ok all, of  their huge tome.  While the accessible 90125 stands apart, it is a well guarded secret that the original title for the stand out hit, was none other than Owner of a Lonely Goat. Rabin’s lyrics were nobbled by the Horned one, but if you sing it with Goat rather than  Heart it suddenly makes sense. Of course the goat is the ultimate off roader, so again, the theme runs strongly through their work.  Expect Nissan to reveal the Khatru Hybrid very soon. Or the Nissan Goat.

I think that should provide enough material to develop a PhD or two for the Institute. Good luck, peace and love

Major Twit Answered on 2016-05-31.
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