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Dear Twit
I have been living in a cave on Mars with my fingers in my ears for the last 10 years, so have minimal experience of social media.  Having been away I have  lot of questions to ask, so could you recommend the best  online tool to answer these many questions. I am told that some search engines just provide the most popular answers, and personally I prefer either the most accurate, the least popular or just the most contrived.

Peace and love

JohnOB Major Twit Asked on 2016-01-05 in Popular Culture.
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JohnOB, you have come to the right place asking the right question at the right time. You maybe unaware but is the very website you are looking for!

Don’t bother with search engines just ask your questions to us here at

You want accurate? We got accurate. We are so accurate that sometimes we are completely wrong!

You want the least popular? That’s us. We’ve got in excess of 14 live members so that makes us pretty unpopular!

You want contrivance? We’re so naturalistic and spontaneous we haven’t even got the time to look up the meaning of the word contrived!

Come on JohnOB, you know it makes sense (although living on Mars with your fingers in your ears makes me think you wouldn’t know sense if it knocked on your door and presented you with its calling card). While you’re at it tell all your friends too…if you’ve got any left after the Mars thing.

Chief Twit Answered on 2016-01-06.
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