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Life is so wonderful and all the answers to everything have been handed to us on a plate so I guess we have lost the ability to answer questions, let alone ask them.
When we asked if Teresa May was the best thing since sliced bread, the whole country came out to confirm she was indeed, strong and stable like a Homepride loaf, or Sunblest or maybe Slimcea, but anyway, I digress, we asked the question, or was the question thrust upon us in a “snap question” kind of way.
When we asked should we stay in the EU many people confused this with “should we get rid of the annoying foreigners with a work ethic” and duly said, yes, we should sneer at them and be work-shy tossers, and be the best we can be, sipping our wifebeater watching Love Island.
So we are a happy nation, finding our way in this new world order, so what are the questions we should be asking. I suggest a few, because an inquisitive mind is a healthy mind, and a heathy mind is what we are encouraged to cultivate as we live longer but with sod all to actually stimulate us, apart from maybe Love Island, or Pretty Thick People, as I suggest it maybe should be called.
So question number 1
Should we build a new “high speed” railway to wherever using long planks of metal, carrying boxes of metal, on metal wheels at speeds of up to not very much, so that we can trim minutes off the journey from London to wherever, by a few minutes. Sounds like billions of money we need to borrow off someone else, as we have none, well spent.
Question 2
Should we create massive tax breaks for the rich or finance food banks.
Question 3
With all this freeview television, while limited in its scope of mostly American/Antipodean extreme or mild peril programmes of Ice Road Outback Loggers on Giant/small Ships/Tractors/Tanks/Bridges I feel we need a little more. We all hark back to the days of Raw Power with Phil Alexander and Ann Kirk, circa 1991 in the prime time slot of about 2am. Thank the Lord for VHS and hungover Saturday mornings watching the likes of Smells like Teen Spirit for the first time 5 times on the trot (Thank the Lord for VHS). So, with all these campaigns, why not have a whole Freeview station of everything that is good about rock, new and old, not some rusty, highly edited Top of the Pops, or a load of hos and bitches and bitches and hos on 4music.

I think 3 questions is probably enough for now

Peace and love


JohnOB Major Twit Asked on 2017-07-14 in Popular Culture.
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As all good meetings should start, I extend my apologies, notably for my tardy response. Sorry.

Anyway I could say it was because of poor Wi-Fi or I could just say the truth, that I have  been in a cave on Mars. No really! I know they are advertising trips to Mars for, err, tourists and scientists, but we have been going back and forth for years getting all those rare earth (yes, on earth) metals that you all so desperately need for your phones and shit. Anyway ,poor old me, have to hack it out to Mars every month for you to keep tweeting, liking and snaptwatting. Anyway, it pays well, and I get every third weekend off. Plenty of room on Mars for the next series of Love Island. Will give all  them all a free ride just to watch the vacuous twats get jiggy on the surface of Mars. Pack the  factor 500 you numpties.

Thank you Chief Twit for clarifying everything. Top Answers!

Sorry northerners, looks like you have to make the most of what you have, namely the Humber bridge, angel of the north and Hadrian’s wall: all pointless. If we are going to put a high speed rail anywhere, it should be Dublin, so at least we get a damn good pint of stout for our efforts at the end of it.

Tax breaks; think we have that sorted, and agreed you should suffocate the beast that is the economy until it is as dead as a Tory U turn, sorry , dodo. I always say, when then country is on its knees, kick it in the public sector knackers, and then kick it again. Keep the buggers on their knees.

As for the music suggestion, we have a digital station in the wings for sure.

Cathedral Midnight Mountain, lovely rug, Mastodon, just great.

Kvelertak will be amazing once they get their O levels , or is it GCSEs or NVQs level 1 or 2? Love the stuffed owl; what a hoot.

I know the pallbearer guys well, shared a cave with them on Mars. Lovely bokes. V intense.

And we all love a bit of alt country so bring it on with Lift2…

I will definitely make an effort to listen to Sleep on my next trip out to Mars. Did I mention my trips to Mars?

During my next interplanetary trip I will come up with some new questions.


Peace and love

Major Twit Answered on 2017-08-19.
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