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Hi fellow Twits,

now that Twitter is no longer relevant due to a certain Stephen Fry denouncing it, I feel there is an opportunity to fill the gaping void. a As I can no longer  bring myself to post a picture of my breakfast ( honey nut cornflakes, some garvadlax and 3 slices of Bratwurst as you ask) or furiously hate or send threats to people I do not know, then my life could become a cavernous pit of self loathing. Fortunately I have discovered  Intertwit. No longer am I restricted by 140 characters of vitriol of sycophantic  nonsense , now  I  can ramble on all day (am I boring you? Just say).

So my question is this. Is it a blue and black dress or gold and white?


JohnOB Major Twit Asked on 2016-02-16 in Popular Culture.
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“Mmm. Ham sandwiches. Nom nom nom”.

“Having a campari & soda in the Knackers Arms! Delish!”

“Been stuck on the toilet all morning due to a virulent form of food poisoning”

“I think I’ve just killed someone. #fleeingthecountry”


All these sentences have been posted on Facebook or Twitter from time to time and very amusing and informative they are too. But JohnOb you may be right in what you say – who indeed gives a toss?

I know that people today don’t have the time or attention span to read more than 140 characters but this is where can fill a void. We won’t use one word where 5 can be surreptitiously employed and we will not “LOL” about with emojis and other shortened form frippery.

What we will do is inform (albeit incorrectly – depends on your point of view) and educate (that might be stretching it). It is, of course, up to you whether you take on board our answers, you have the freewill to decide. But what we won’t do is give “throw away” responses. We cogitate for an inordinate length of time before we put finger to keyboard and then we think again before publishing. On occasion the process may take in excess of 12 minutes.

Not that you would be surprised by this JohnOb. I can see you think deeply about the questions you pose and no amount of someone pretending to wind down car windows so they can’t hear you talk is going to dissuade you from this.

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As for the dress poser I think it was blue. But then I think these jumpers are both green:

blue jumperred jumper

Chief Twit Answered on 2016-02-17.
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