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Dear Intertwit,

We’re about to embark on a significant annual beer-related journey.

As we travel from pub to pub, we have been increasingly aware that the toilets are often full of unsavoury individuals (and unsavoury deposits). Sometimes it’s difficult to tell which are which.

Plus of course, as we’re all very old now, we often have to  make unscheduled stops between hostelries.

Or perhaps we just have to soil our britches. That’s the norm.

This leads to significant laundry costs and in some cases under-bag destruction with certified professionals to hand. The costs add up.

We’ve done some preliminary research and this item looks ideal for our trip:

Intertwit came to mind. Can you help?



Minor Twerp Major Twit Asked on 2016-03-09 in Medical.
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Thank you Intertwit. I’ve seen those self-propelling ones around town. They always have “In association with Intertwit” on the back (fully branded with the web address for this website etc.).

That aside, I’m afraid 150kg will be  under the required weight requirement. The drinking party will have an average weight of 28 stone which is likely to move comfortably in to 30+ bracket given the volume of carbohydrates that will be consumed (along with the beer, many of the party consume a lot of quiche).

I for one have decided to go for the “bags that sliced bread come in”. I’m already finding this highly convenient and given the significant amount of crumbs left over in those things, a handy emergency snack resource. Although I must confess, they taste better pre-soiled.

Thanks again.

Major Twit Answered on 2016-03-13.
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