RE: TREX or T-Rex

I’m a big fan of both T-Rex (the long extinct pointy toothed dinosaur) and TREX (the vegetable fat cooking aid) .

But sometimes I get confused between the two, although often with hilarious consequences.

Intertwit, is it because they are similar in some way? Please help as the confusion is growing daily in my head and may overflow soon with unpleasant consequences.



BingoCaracas Minor Twit Asked on 2019-05-14 in Cooking.
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Well, it’s easy to get confused isn’t it Bingo…although you seem more confused than even the most dedicated reader

Dinosaurs and vegetable fat? What could be more different? Look for yourself man!

Really pretty different I’m sure you would agree even in your least lucid moments…but hang on there actually maybe a valid reason why your discombobulation is becoming all too evident. Hold the phone to the sanitarium Bingo…

Yes, it’s Slash out of Guns n’ Roses Marc Bolan out of T-Rex!

Consider for a moment this timeline:

70 million years ago: T-Rex (the pointy toothed dinosaur) was born

65 million years ago: T-Rex (the pointy toothed dinosaur) became extinct

1930: Trex vegetable cooking fat created

1947: Marc Bolan (out of T-Rex) born

1977: Marc Bolan (out of T-Rex) died

Still none the wiser?

Well after some deep, deep research carried out by our top researchers, it appears that Marc Bolan was not only a glam rock icon but also a talented baker* (he taught Mary Berry how to make Preston Lard Scones in 1968) and established film scriptwriter (he wrote the original treatment for Jurassic Park 3)!*

See where we are going here? That’s right, the facts point in only one direction. T-Rex, Trex and Marc Bolan out of T-Rex were all pretty much inextricably linked at one point and remain so incontrovertably. Unfortunately, and again this is no coincidence, pointy toothed T-Rex, the original maker of Trex (no one knows his or her real name) and Marc Bolan are all dead! Some blame the Russians, some the CIA, some Prince Phillip, some say the makers of Cookeen. Who knows, but all we can say for sure is we will never know.

What we can say for sure though Bingo is you are not, REPEAT NOT, a nutcase. Phew! We bet that’s a relief!



*Facts not immediately verifiableĀ  at this time but we are 15-75% certain of this


Chief Twit Answered on 2019-07-12.
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