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Hello twits,

l hope to travel far and wide this year in the pursuit of excellence, or, as I understand it, being slightly above average, which is fine by me.

I therefore need to master a few of the most vital phrases to show that I have a smattering of the language sufficient to engage in light conversation whilst also showing a modest deference to their culture while suggesting that we have seen it, done it; respectfully of course.

Therefore I need to be able to say the following  phrases in Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese ) Urdu, Portuguese, Dutch and of course Japanese (if anyone knows a skilled operator in Tokyo; long shot I know)

phrases required are:

I think it is your round

yes, your public transport is massively cheaper than back in the UK

I am gluten free but that’s not to be confused with being vegetarian: gluten is not the same as gelatine

that will be an ecumenical matter

I have my doubts

Jeremy Hunt is a proven politician, diplomat and empathetic all rounder. (Don’t spend too much time on this one, I really do not see any opportunity to use this, no really, honest , trust me, it’s not going to happen, like really, come on, bets are off, not in a month of Sunday’s, pigs will fly, anyway, whatever)

I thank you

peace and love



JohnOB Major Twit Asked on 2016-02-19 in Popular Culture.
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Well done JohnOb, you appear to be leaving the country! Don’t be fearful though as is only an internet café away should you find yourself in difficulties.

However, looking at your requested phrases to be translated I reckon you’ve got everything covered.

(A note for you JohnOB, I have included the phonetic spellings for the Japanese translation but the Chinese and Urdu are self explanatory in terms of pronunciation)


“I think it is your round”

Perhaps the most useful phrase of everything you’ve asked for. Remember to mention that you are a big Rick Astley fan and most places will give you a free drink

Spanish: Creo que es su ronda

Portuguese: Eu acho que é a sua volta

Dutch: Ik denk dat het je round

Japanese: Watashi wa sore ga anata no raundoda to omoimasu

Chinese: 我认为这是你的圆

Urdu: مجھے لگتا ہے کہ یہ آپ کی گول ہے


“Yes, your public transport is massively cheaper than back in Britain”

Nice phrase and it will make you homesick for sure when you travel dangerously, if inexpensively, on trains, buses and mopeds.

Spanish: Sí , el transporte público es enormemente más barato que en el Reino Unido

Portuguese: Sim, o seu transporte público é maciçamente mais barato do que no Reino Unido

Dutch: Ja , je het openbaar vervoer is massaal goedkoper dan terug in het Verenigd Koninkrijk

Japanese: Hai, anata no kōkyō kōtsūkikan wa, Igirisu no bakku yori mo tairyō ni ankadesu

Chinese: 是的,你的公共交通是大量比英国便宜回来

Urdu: جی ہاں، آپ کی پبلک ٹرانسپورٹ برطانیہ میں واپس کے مقابلے میں بڑے پیمانے پر سستا ہے


“That will be an ecumenical matter”

This phrase cannot be translated into any other language. Just speak with a slow and deliberate Irish accent and everyone will understand the sentiment.


“I have my doubts”

Very useful when someone is trying to sell you a pair of espadrilles that you may suspect are of limited quality and durability.

Spanish: Tengo mis dudas

Portuguese: Tenho minhas dúvidas

Dutch: Ik heb mijn twijfels

Japanese: Watashi wa watashi no gimon o motte imasu

Chinese: 我有我的疑惑

Urdu: میں نے اپنے شک ہے


“I am gluten free but that’s not to be confused with being vegetarian: gluten is not the same as gelatine.”

Food can be a problem when overseas, especially for all you “fussy” eaters out there who cannot get hold of their normal daily intake of peanut brittle or rumbabas.

Spanish: Experimento diarrea si como productos con gluten

Portuguese: Eu sofrer de diarreia se eu comer produtos glúten

Dutch: Ik ervaar diarree als ik eet glutenvrije producten

Japanese: Watashi wa guruten no seihin o taberu baai, watashi wa geri o keiken walk away from a bowlful

Chinese: 我遇到腹泻,如果我吃面筋产品the shits.

Urdu: میں گلوٹین مصنوعات کھا تو میں اسہال کا تجربہ  explosion arseا


“Jeremy Hunt is a massive wanker”

Spanish: Jeremy Hunt es un WANKER masiva

Portuguese: Jeremy Hunt é um WANKER maciça

Dutch: Jeremy Hunt is een enorme WANKER

Japanese: Jeremī hanto wa, ōkibona WANKER

Chinese: 傑里米亨特是一個巨大的WANKER

Urdu:  جیریمی ہنٹ ایک بڑے پیمانے WANKER ہے


I’m also going to include a smattering of Nowegian phrases which you may find helpful in various circumstances (especially if you are in Norway). Norway is the most up and coming place in Europe and is notable for oil, heavy metal and trolls.


I would like to work on an oil rig – Jeg ønsker å jobbe på en oljerigg

I love Norwegian heavy metal – Jeg elsker norsk heavy metal

Help, I am being chased by a troll – Hjelp , jeg blir jaget av et troll

Do you know the blonde lady from The Bridge? – Kjenner du den blonde damen fra The Bridge?

Yes, 3000 krone is a very fair price for a pint – Ja, det er 3000 kroner en svært rimelig pris for en halvliter

So, good luck JohnOb we hope to hear from you soon on your travails and travels.

Chief Twit Answered on 2016-02-21.
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