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Dear Mr Twit, I’m not 100% sure if there is an official government policy on the best hat to wear in the current terrible times of COVID-19 and to keep it at bay? But I’m sure you do have a policy or point of view. Cough. For now, both myself and my wife have gone for burkas. Technically speaking my wife has gone for a boshiya though. Cough. I believe that wearing special forms of hats and covering your face up can help? Cough.

Minor Twerp Major Twit Asked on 2020-04-01 in I'm confused.
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A timely and important question Minor Twerp so we’ll keep this brief and informative.

The Government has not as yet laid down strict guidelines on headwear but you and your wife appear to have gone for a sensible full body option.

You are also right in thinking that hats can help to combat the spread and transmission of Covid 19 but not any of the hats pictured below we’re afraid…

Avoid this sort of thing at all costs! Too many people these days appear to think wearing hats is a substitute for personality and that it will additionally aid them in staving off a pandemic virus. We here at would instead a encourage our readers, and yourself Minor Twerp, to don something like the following (if of course your journey out is absolutely essential).


Great, we hope that you understand what we’re saying here.

If you absolutely must go out and it is essential that you do then make sure you stay safe and wear something like the items above with the GREEN TICK.


This way people will see you and if they’re not stupid then they will make every possible effort to AVOID you as well.

Stay safe and Stay Home Minor Twerp!!!

Chief Twit Answered on 2020-04-05.
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