RE: What kind of undergarments to wear given coronavirus?

Dear Mr Twit,

Another COVID-19 question if I may…

What would your recommendation be on undergarments to keep the very serious issue of the virus at bay? I’ve settled on extremely thick rubber under pants with studs in them. I bought them online from a specialist. As with my hat question I don’t believe there is an official policy on this. If you could advise on this it would be appreciated as I’m getting criticism from my wife and on that basis alone it would make sense to perhaps have a different strategy (and to protect myself from the virus).

Minor Twerp

Minor Twerp Major Twit Asked on 2020-04-06 in Medical.
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Hi there again Minor Twerp, I hope you and your family are continuing to keep safe and off the streets.

Reading your latest question we actually really do think that it’s extremely important that you do stay at home and away from other people at all times. Not just in this worrying moment for the world but for the foreseeable future. Have a think about it at any rate. Please.

As for you query, there is no Covid-19 guidance on undergarment apparel from the UK Government, World Health Organisation or even the Graeme Norton Show but if we read between the lines we can safely assume that all of these bodies would prefer people to keep their groinal regions out of sight and covered up.

If you want to wear rubber and studs then it really is your choice and we look forward to receiving a question from your partner in the very near future. We prefer breathable polycotton jersey style trunks.

Once again Minor Twerp we are very pleased to be able to offer you and your family some helpful advice. We would only reiterate our plea for you to stay at home safely locked behind the doors of your basement/torture dungeon/goat compound.

Chief Twit Answered on 2020-04-13.
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