RE: What’s a spod?

I’m a spod.

I was upset and disturbed to find out that the official line on this is:

“a dull or socially inept person, especially someone who is excessively studious”

OK, I guess that’s me. But I’m still upset.

I don’t like people. Not even sure I like Intertwit. You seem a bit opinionated.  Who is behind this thing? Anti-spods?

Anyway, that’s not my question. I’d like to know what Intertwit’s official line is on what a spod is? I’d like to know what you consider to be the top 3 characteristics.

Please spare me the usual flannel. I’ve got some serious work to do here on my various workstations and only have 10-15 seconds to review your answer. Now I’m 7 I’m getting pretty busy with stuff so please respond in a timely fashion.

Problem Child

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So you’re a spod are you? That’s good as we like spods here at They are very useful individuals in areas such as data-transponsting, computer defibrillation (and refibrillation) and bandwidth defragmentation clouds.

However, we recognise that you are still young Problem Child so to make sure you really are a spod here’s what we think are the top 3 characteristics of a spod actually are:

  1. A shiny but clammy disposition. This is caused by the thin film of perspiration that covers the spod’s skin due to their inherent nervousness.
  2. A tendency not to be able to look people in the eye when talking to them – especially if they are talking to someone of the opposite sex.
  3. Wearing a tank top at all formal and informal occasions

If you exhibit all 3 of these characteristics you are definitely a spod. Congratulations! Your life path is set out for you and awkwardness will become your norm.

If you have 2 of these characteristics then you probably are a spod but need a bit more keyboard work while sitting in a heavily draped bedroom to bring you really up to speed.

Just the 1 characteristic, then you are probably just a geek. But that’s not a bad thing either. We tend to be on the geekish side here at apart from our Technical Assistant (Minor Under Twit) who really is spoddy.

Let us know how your childhood progresses Problem Child and if any of the bigger boys at school asks if you want to see the blue fishes in the toilet bowl then decline politely and run the other way.

Chief Twit Answered on 2016-06-28.
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