RE: Who is the person with the box on a coil.

Dear Chief Twit, When your plane is being reversed out of its bay at the airport by the small white truck, there is  a person who walks alongside with a remote control on a coiled lead attached to the airplane. What is that persons role?
I thank you.

JohnOB Major Twit Asked on 2016-01-05 in Uncategorisable.
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Good question JohnOB. That person’s role is to pass a small electric current through to the cockpit which is linked directly to the pilot and co-pilot’s seats. The electric charge of around 500 volts will keep both of them awake long enough to take off and put the plane into auto pilot mode. This procedure is required as they have been in the airport bar for 3-4 hours previous to taking their seats on the plane.

On landing, one of the stewardesses will use a small cattle prod to kick them back into life long enough to land the plane.

Incidentally, the man who is using the coil is called Dave. Every single one of them.

Chief Twit Answered on 2016-01-06.
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