RE: Why are we made of matter and not antimatter?

Dear intertwit,

As one of the world’s leading physicists I struggle daily with the concept of why things are composed of matter, and not antimatter. Let’s face it, you know it and we all know it (here at the Institute of Matter/Antimatter) the only difference between the two is “charge”. Given that the universe started as 50% matter, 50% antimatter, why did “matter” win out?

We continue to research heavily into charge-parity violations and we’ve heard via various avenues pertaining to this that you’ve done some serious investigation into the subject at intertwit. We’d be very keen to find out more about your conclusions and may in fact include any of your verified outcomes in a forthcoming research paper due for publication later this year. Needless to say you won’t be credited as we’re the clever ones here.


Minor Twerp Major Twit Asked on 2016-04-27 in I'm confused.
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Well, another science question! I think we’re gathering a real scientific following here.  And this time it’s a simpler one to answer we reckon here at Intertwit.

Really, a lot of you physicists out there are very clever but sometimes you miss the flamin’ obvious. You really do.

  • Yes, for every type of matter particle found, there also exists a corresponding antimatter particle, or antiparticle
  • Yes, British physicist Paul Dirac’s 1928 equation  x2=4 can have two possible solutions (x=2 or x=-2)
  • And Yes we’d all die in an instant if matter and anti-matter collided

But what seems clear to us here at Intertwit Towers and what you you physicists sitting on your gold-plated Cern toilets appear to have missed out on is the overriding presence of “Nothing Else” Matters.

Discovered by the Metallica guitarist and singer James Hetfield, “Nothing Else” Matters combines with normal matter to almost entirely obliterate anti-matter so it stops everything in the world going crazy (as it was before 1988 when the song was released). The following diagrams, which more than adequately explain the now copyrighted Matter \ Anti-Matter \ Nothing Else Matters See-saw Theory, should help you to understand.

The World Before 1988

MatterPre1988 Click to enlarge

And after the discovery of Nothing Else Matters

MAtter-Post1988 Click to enlarge

Although I can’t see your faces I bet you’re all now going:

“Doh, Oh Yeah!”

“That truly is brilliant. Remarkable. Free thinking science at it’s best”

“Flip, I was thinking about this just last week but was afraid to pipe up”

“What a  pile of tosh” (even Einstein had his doubters)

Well we hope that helps you guys at the Institute and if you ever need any help come revision time then you know where to find us.


Chief Twit Answered on 2016-04-27.
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