RE: Rocket Science – an Australian 90’s band or a colloquial term for a significant and often misunderstood branch of engineering?

Dear Interwit,

As one of the world’s leading “rocket scientists” I engineer  rockets. Some of them are big,  some of them are small.  But basically they’re rockets. They go up and they come back down again.

I studied for 32 years at the Department of  Physics and Astronomy at the University of Leicester. It was only in my 31st year that they let me set off a firework (under supervision due to stability problems – mine).

Well it’s my turn now and those that were suppressing my rocket skills are laughing on the other side of their face(s) – mainly due to a serious accident with one of my rockets.

But my question is this. When someone mentions “Rocket Science” do you think of eminent scientists such as myself or the Australian rock band formed in 1998? Please ensure your answer is well reasoned as we’d hate to have another “accident”.


Minor Twerp Major Twit Asked on 2016-05-09 in I'm confused.
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We’re back from the Canaries! What a symposium that was I can tell you!

Now then, in response to this rather interesting question we’d like to state for the record that we listen extensively to music here at

And we can tell you that no one but no one thinks of the Australian band “Rocket Science” when discussing the scientific branch that is rocket science. Not a chance. Not even the band themselves.

In the same way no one is going to think of Kansas City’s premier proto-roots-grunge band “Not Rocket Science” when someone says “Well, it’s not rocket science” when trying to explain how to assemble a flat packed piece of furniture for example.

And there’s even less chance that they think of the Los Angeles based progressive rock band, ”Rocket Scientists”, either. Look at this video of said outfit if you don’t believe us:

Told you.

Look at the bloke on the cello.

You’d be better off concentrating on how to keep your rockets up in the air without damaging the faces and\or other body parts of innocent onlookers. I expect that it’s this sort of trivial distraction that has led to your painfully slow career progression at the University of Leicester.

Buck your ideas up or it’s back to the sparklers for you.



Chief Twit Answered on 2016-05-20.
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