*** American Election Fever Special ***

There’s a United States presidential election going on next week so we’re going to have a snap poll to find out how the intertwit community would vote if they lived in the US of America! Yee and haw!

Rumour has it that Republican Donald “Don” Trump and Democrat Hilary “Lary” Clinton are the worst ever candidates that the world has ever seen but don’t let that put you off though as someone’s got to win…haven’t they?

Just answer the Goddamn poll and let us know then. Are you a little bit country or you a little bit rock n’ roll?

Quick it ends soon…

Chief Twit Asked on 2016-11-06 in Hair related matters.
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Results of this poll (This poll was expired)

5 Votes
60% Donny & Marie
20% Hilary Clinton
20% I'm Moving to Canada
0% Donald Trump
0% Just Don't Take Away My Guns


  • BingoCaracas 2016-11-06

    Celine Dion, Bryan Adams and Early 1980’s rockers Coney Hatch are 3 of my favourite artists so I would move to Canada.


  • BobMunkee 2016-11-06

    I would have moved to Canada as well but the previous comment reminded me of the Celine Dion connection so I’ll become a Mormon instead. I am Country AND Rock n’ roll and I will be moving to Salt Lake City, Utah.


  • OnionTerror 2016-11-06

    You know me. I like butchery and guns.

    But I like “Crazy Horses” better. And my middle name is Merrill.

    Onion Merrill Terror.


  • HertfordTwit 2016-11-10

    Well it looks as if the intertwit community are slightly at odds with the American electorate but not to worry. We’ve been talking to the Osmond family and they’re super-excited at the results of our poll. As a result they are more than happy to step in to take over should things go pear-shaped over the next 4 years.

    Here’s how an Osmonds led government would look:

    President \ Vice-President: Donny & Marie will job share and have alternate weekends off
    Secretary of State: Merrill
    Secretary of The Treasury: Alan
    Secretary of Defense: Wayne
    Attorney General: Jay
    Secretary of the Interior (with special portfolio for long hair and Liverpudlian relations): Jimmy

    This will come as a blessed relief to all our American cousins I’m sure.
    God Bless America and God Bless the Osmonds.


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