Love Raymond, Hate Piers?

Ever since our post about early morning non-com Everybody Loves Raymond there’s been a debate raging up and down the country about what people are watching on the television at 7-30 to 8am every weekday morning.

So what are you watching fellow intertwitters? Gormless Ray Romano and his desperate New York schtick? Uber idiot and all round major annoyance Piers “twat”┬áMorgan? Or something else?

Well let’s find out! Cast your vote in this major new and exclusive commissioned┬ápoll and tell us why if you can be bothered!


Chief Twit Asked on 2016-09-02 in Popular Culture.
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Results of this poll (This poll was expired)

4 Votes
75% Paint Drying
25% Something Else Completely
0% Idiotfaced Piers Morgan
0% Gormless Ray Romano


  • BobMunkee 2016-09-02

    Magnolia for me everyday. Matt not gloss.


  • OnionTerror 2016-09-02

    I also like to watch paint dry first thing in the morning. Don’t really care what colour, I just find it calms me before my 12 hour shift down the slaughterhouse.


  • BingoCaracas 2016-09-02

    I like watching the Itv because you know I like to look at that Susanna Reid cos she’s got…erm…well you know…she’s a nice lady and that. Thing is that Piers Morgan…his face makes me physically ill and I haven’t really got the time to clean up all the vomit that he causes in the morning. So what I do is place a piece of sheet metal over the half of the telly that Piers Morgan’s stupid face is on. That way I don’t sick up all over the carpet and I can…errr…still look at that nice Susanna Reid lady. Or Kate Garraway. She’s ok as well.


  • HertfordTwit 2016-09-11

    Conclusive stuff as ever from an poll. Paint drying appears to be top of the tree for morning time diversions.

    Unlucky to Ray & Piers, you’ll have to try harder to win over the audience!


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