To Brexit or not to Brexit?

It’s the question on everyone’s lips isn’t it right now? Just how long will Chris Evans last as presenter of the revamped Top Gear?

Also in the news is this thing about the European Union and whether the United Kingdom should stay in or go its own way and leave the whole bally thing behind.

So, to gauge the feeling of the nation here’s an Intertwit poll about it.

Should we stay or should we go?

What would The Clash have done?

Would Joe Strummer want to remain?

Would Topper Headon jump ship with drumsticks in hand?

Who knows? But have your chance to let us know what you would do. All votes are anonymous but if you’d like to enlighten us with your thoughts then leave us a comment… about the vote or about Chris Evans. We don’t mind.

To vote, simply login to your Intertwit account or register anew today! Have your say!

Vote YES if you want to stay in the EU

Vote NO if you want to leave the EU

Vote I’M SPOILING MY PAPER if you want to protest against the whole thing and you just don’t care.


Chief Twit Asked on 2016-06-07 in I'm confused.
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Results of this poll (This poll was expired)

7 Votes
43% I'm Spoiling my paper
43% YES
14% NO


  • BobMunkee 2016-06-07

    I love barm cakes, brown beer and bangers! I’m voting to leave!


  • BingoCaracas 2016-06-07

    I Love croissants, Belgian Beer and wiener schnitzel! I’m staying right where I am!


  • Stompy 2016-06-08

    I love barm cakes, brown beer and bangers! I’m voting to remain!


    • HertfordTwit 2016-06-08

      Like what you’ve done there Stompy! The whole referendum has been turned on its head!!!!


  • Minor Twerp 2016-06-14

    I’ve spoilt my paper – long story.


  • HertfordTwit 2016-06-19

    Pretty conclusive stuff I’m sure you’ll all agree.

    And it looks as if election tellers and officials up and down the country will have their work cut out on the 23rd June if the amount of spoiling (not to mention soiling) that this poll predicts is replicated on the day.

    If you’re an election official on duty next week tell us your experiences of the how the day goes for you!


  • OnionTerror 2016-06-19

    Thanks, I am an election official and will be asking the council for a new mop and bucket not to mention disinfectant and disposable gloves.


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