Who is your favourite early 1980’s Heavy Metal Band.

Intertwit, I love the early 1980’s Heavy Metal and I’d like to know who the best band is from that genre. I hope this poll can answer this question.

Minor Twit Asked on 2016-03-13 in Early 1980's Heavy Metal.
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Results of this poll (This poll was expired)

5 Votes
20% Coney Hatch
20% Other
20% Angel Witch
20% Demon
20% Venom


  • BingoCaracas 2016-03-14

    Woooooaaaarrrrgggghhhhh. That was Venom, I really loved them.


  • NikkiH 2016-03-14

    They’re all great bands but I prefer The Tygers of Pan Tang!!!!


  • HertfordTwit 2016-03-18

    Well, that was a pretty successful and conclusive poll wasn’t it Bob? It seems that all Early 1980’s Heavy Metal bands were equally as great as each other.

    Come back to Intertwit.com soon for more far reaching and in depth analysis like this.


  • Andy 2016-04-25

    I’m disappointed I missed this poll because the correct answer is in fact everyone’s favourite Canadian rock band “Loverboy”….for the spandex alone (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TnHm4ro_l8s). That would have been my answer (had it been an option) although for “a real band” perhaps something completely different. For example, Diamond Head, Queensryche, or indeed Thor.


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