Who are the top 3 rock singers of all time?

Mr twit,

There must surely be an answer to this question but no one seems to have it. We have our opinion but having looked into your company and what you’re all about we’d imagine you may well go for:

  1. Chad Kroeger
  2. Chester Bennington
  3. Scott Stapp

Here at the Institute of Rock we’d suggest a re-evaluation at your end. Please provide an update/sensible information so that we can we move forwards accordingly.

Thank you.

Major Twit Asked on 2016-11-18 in Music.
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Thanks Minor Twerp, what a great question this is and one we are more than qualified to answer here at intertwit.com.

Initially, however, I may query your own credentials at the Institute of Rock. The three individuals you have mentioned in your question as our “imagined” top 3 are a little…well…shite. Damning them with faint praise the best way we can describe these 3 is that they are “worthy”.  That’s a strange institute you got there we’d say…let’s investigate your choices a little further…

Chad Kroeger chad

The king of catchy grunge-light blue collar anthems. There’s lots of people out there who have a great deal of fondness for Chad and his Nickelback crew but we ain’t one of them. Nice hair though.

Chester Bennington chester

Despite his name giving us the impression of a Harvard law graduate who is now in insurance, old Chester is the best of the 3 on the list but we tire of his quiet \ loud shouty approach to singing. Linkin Biscuit certainly have a formula for success and we actually quite like Hybrid Theory but putting this chap in the top 3 rock singers of all time would be a grave error. Nice hair though.

Scott Stapp scottstapp

Po faced twat. That’s it. Nice hair though.

So who do we think should be in the top 3 Minor Twerp? Why these four of course!

bonscott rjd phillynott jaymz

Bon Scott

Poor old Bon died in the back of Renault 5 in East Dulwich after a night of heavy drinking. An ignominious end for such a larger than life character but the “live fast, die young” epitaph may just have been written with the AC\DC frontman in mind.

Bon Scott-era AC\DC is a rip-roaring joyous ride and Bon’s style has been the template for many a rock act ever since. Look and listen to this quintessential Bon Scott tune – a true legend.

Phil Lynott

As youngsters, we loved Phil and Thin Lizzy and we still do now. Blessed with a great voice, immense songwriting talent and tons of pure charm Lynott was of course plagued with addictions. Dead at 34 he left behind a great legacy and this concert from 1977 proves his overall genius. Much missed.

James Hetfield

Hetfield is metal. He’s also the only one of our 4 still alive so keep safe Jaymz!

He transcends Metallica from mere greatness to utter brilliance and this fabulously raucous live version of Harvester of Sorrow demonstrates this fact somewhat well.

Ronnie James Dio

Ahh…Ron. The diminutive Dio.  5 ft 2 in his heels but with the biggest pair of lungs going. Whether with Rainbow, Black Sabbath or his own band Dio it didn’t matter if he was singing about devils, rainbows, wizards, more rainbows or whatever.  Ron delivered with such power and conviction that you believed everything he said. Everything!

We’ve included 3 examples of his genius from each of his bands – just listen to ad-libbing at the end of Stargazer from about 6 minutes in. It’s fabulous and although this is very much a Richie Blackmore song, it’s Ron who steals the show – no wonder he sacked him.

We miss Ron a lot.

Now we know that this sort of thing is based very much on our personal choices and tastes but we love those four lads. We considered many other great singers in the creation of this list and they will obviously be bitterly disappointed they didn’t make the cut. Guys like Robert Plant of Led Zep, Paul Rodgers of Free, Ian Gillan of Deep Purple, Vince Neil of Motley Crue, Phil Mogg of UFO and Steve Perry of Journey!

Well they’re all brilliant of course but in the end we didn’t think they had the absolute “frontman charisma” of our choices – the ability to hold a crowd in their hand and make you feel a part of the band, to take you on their journey.

“Hang on!” I hear you cry! What about Freddie flippin’ Mercury then?!?!?!?!?! Well old Fred has of course singing and stage presence in buckets but Queen wrote too much crap for our liking. For every top notch rocker like “Tie Your Mother Down”, “Now I’m Here” or “Brighton Rock” there was always too many throwaway tunes like “Seaside Rendezvous” or “Radio flamin’ Gaga” in their canon. Sorry Fred.

Well I hope that helps you at the obviously confused Insitute of Rock, Minor Twerp. If you’ve not heard of these chaps before then give them a listen. Now! Quick. Now!

What do you think of our list intertwitters? Could you do any better? Let us know!

Chief Twit Answered on 2016-11-22.
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Dear Hertford twit, and of course Minor twerp, at the Institute of Rock (citation needed)
I agree that you have identified an excellent top 3 (or 4) and would never dispute the standing of James, Mr Dio, Phil and Bon. I would like to offer some food for thought.
You have kindly offered some references to remind us of their talents, sadly mostly to be never seen again; long live Hetfield! Bon Scott was indeed wearing lovely strides, (keep the mystery; NOT) and it was nice to see Lars with such lovely hair, but not a touch on the rock-locks of James. Phil Lynott had great hair of course and who cannot love the soft Irish tones over a rolling dual guitar onslaught. And then we have Ronnie, and his timeless voice, and hair. I was introduced to the delights of Mr Dio through the original School of Rock that was the Green Gate, by a young pretender, who, I believe, is still an evangelist of rock. He converted me, bless his polycotton socks.

But I digress.
In the spirit of also-rans, I must nominate a few extra vocal cords. Thumbing through my i-pod, 5th generation, a classic in itself, I have to put in a nomination for Steve Hogarth of Marillion. The sheer power of his voice means his live performances match or on occasion, better the studio version, much like Geddy Lee. (I am deliberately and maybe contentiously not nominating Geddy, who has been rocking the world for a mere 42 years to date, not out of spite but as it is a deeply personal thing and Rush are a “unit” that deliver brilliantly. I don’t think Adam Lambert could rock up and do Geddy’s job if you know what I mean. Both have lovely hair though). Indeed Steve Hogarth has lovely hair and his vocals, cradled by the beautiful guitars, keyboards and rhythm section of the band mean it is a delight to watch.
Let us also not forget the gorgeous Chris Cornell of Soundgarden, probably, no definitely, the best vocals to emerge from the Seattle scene. The band are tight and talented with heavy hints of Sabbath and maybe some Montrose thrown in for good measure (no, Sammy Hagar is not getting a nomination , though he does have a great rock voice and lovely hair.) Cornell delivers in the band tracks but also, check out his live solo efforts; the Day I Tried to Live, or Fell on Black Days shows what a talent he is.
And of course we must not forget Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes, a voice that makes your heart soar, makes the hairs on the back of your neck rise up, maybe in eagerness to listen themselves. My Morning Song, particularly will make you smile so hard you will end up with rictus (especially live) , Wiser Time will make you cry , in a good way, and Remedy will make your trousers fall down.
Perry Farrel needs a mention but he falls into the “unit” category of stunning band efforts.
And one final word for one of the hardest working vocals going. Mein Gott, if it’s not Klaus Meine of the Scorpions. Whether it is the climate change classic of Rock You Like a Hurricane, the laidback Arizona, or the frankly ridiculous but lovable Passion Rules the Game, Klaus delivers in buckets. The Scorpions also ended the cold war through music, bludgeoning the Berlin Wall down with their Rudy Schenker riffs and Klaus using a particularly resonant F sharp to actually shatter the concrete wall apart, something the hippies never managed. (we shall politely ignore The Hoff’s claims here, not the time nor the place, but he has nice thick hair)

Peace and Love

Major Twit Answered on 2016-11-25.
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