Thick. Yellow. Sweet.

Pour it on a bit of apple pie. Or a lump of plain sponge. Eat it out of the can with a spoon.  Drink it straight from the carton. Custard is versatile and great ain’t it?

Feeling adventurous? Make it from scratch.

Delia Smith uses these ingredients:

Mary Berry uses these:

Who’s right? Don’t know, don’t care. Do they taste good? Yes they flipping well do.

Should you care? Yes you should!

Because, following the historic passing of UN Resolution 347668-2a, 2017 has been formally designated:

The International Year of Custard!!!!!

Ring the bells in joyous celebration, custard is at last taking its rightful place at the front and centre of the national and international culinary world!

Intertwit is very happy about this, not just because we eat a lot of custard, but because we are a major sponsor of the forthcoming celebrations. And we’re going to be holding a series of event throughout 2017 to celebrate custard!

♠  The Monsters of Custard Rock Festival

A 3-day festival celebrating custard and music featuring such acts as Metallica (maybe, we’ve not asked yet), Coldplay (haven’t asked them either yet, the number we have just goes dead when you ring), Shakin’ Stevens (he’s got a childrens party but might be able to get out of it if we send enough custard powder along to the party instead), Cannon and Ball (not strictly singers but they really like custard). DJ sets from anyone who is not in prison. I think we’ll be OK with David “Diddy” Hamilton

  A combined national Ham Sandwich and Custard day on 12th July 2017 to be held at the Birds Custard Powder factory in Banbury

♠ Who will win the inaugural Custard King or Custard Queen of the Year? – An award to be given to the person in the public eye who has contributed most to promote custard in all its glory. It might just be one (or none) of these:


Icey – T











Celebrity custard recipes from the likes of Gordon Ramsey, Michel Roux Jnr and Lester Piggott…and lots more to be announced!

And, as you can see we’re not the only ones to be excited.

Look at these “quotes” made by people of some international note!

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby:

“Jesus, I Love Custard”


Alec Baldwin

I f**cking love custard!


Benjamin Netanyahu

“A strong Israel is an Israel that eats a lot of custard”


Luis Figo

“Eu amo uma tarte portuguesa agradável!”


Are you excited as us and all that lot? Then tell us what you’re going to do to celebrate custard in 2017!

Do it here. Now!