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Recently we employed a “Minor Under Twerp” or “MUT” into our backroom Technical Team to turn on and turn off things and to generally ensure the whole internet malarkey was working.

While the weekly recompense for this is small (i.e. nothing) we did buy him a mug with his job title on it and a neat branded notebook.

MugFront MugRear

They’re nice aren’t they? The mug is particularly useful as it can be used as a drinking vessel and a device to catch MUT’s drool as it drips down his chin.

As well as the mug and notebook, a successful employee at Intertwit can expect a generous package including some (but maybe not all) of the following:

♠  365 days a year holiday

Use of the company Smart Car

Use of the Intertwit Swimming facilities 

Entry into our Employee Bonus Profit Scheme by the year 2072 (this is when we expect the money to start rolling in)

♠ A monthly bottle of New Pants aftershave.

If you’re looking to join a vital and dynamic organisation with a bright future then you’d probably be best looking elsewhere. On the other hand if you like what you see at Intertwit.com and want to be a part of our charge to unlikely success then post a comment below explaining what special talents you could bring to our organisation. Don’t worry if you haven’t got any special talents – you’re all special to us.

Intertwits ahoy!


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