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Beer of the Month – February 2016

After the ridiculous Dry January you may think that any beer would be February’s beer of the month round here. But we’re more discerning than that at Intertwit. Not for us a four pack of Aldi Supergrogski or Fosters SuperDryliteIce.

No, after quite a bit of testing in February we’ve gone for something that will define the rest of the year in beer – Thornbridge Jaipur X Imperial IPA. It’s may appear bloody strong at 10% abv. but don’t let that put you off as it’s a flamin’ cracker!

Poured from a bottle rather inexpertly it looks like this if you photograph it inappropriately in front of some pale bluey\green kitchen tiles …


Thornbridge Jaipur X Imperial Ale…Pale but definitely interesting.

Jaipur X is brewed by Derbyshire’s fabulous Thornbridge brewery, one of the UK’s leading modern brewers. In a nutshell they brew beer that doesn’t taste like water and aluminium and for that they ought to be highly congratulated.

Jaipur X is a 10th anniversary tribute to the wonderful original 5.9% Jaipur IPA that helped establish Thornbridge’s reputation. And while it shares many of its older brother’s characteristics in aroma and initial citrus taste this gives way to a pleasing sweetness, viscosity and strength that taps you vigorously on the head to make sure you know you are drinking a 10% beer. (Responsible drinking note: Heavy machinery should not be operated after drinking his beer).

If I were you I would try and get hold of either Jaipur’s as they really are great. If you live in a middle class area, then Waitrose regularly stock Thornbridge beers, if not whip over to the Thornbridge website where you’ll come across the whole range.



Intertwit Tasting Notes:

Beer Colour: Pale

Strength: Really strong. A bottle of this equals three of most other standard beers

Best time to drink it: Nightcap. Best to make sure your bed is near really.

Overall Rating: 8.7 (out of 10). There’s 10 months left and we need somewhere to go…


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  • BobMunkee 2016-03-13

    Thanks Intertwit, I drank two of these in quick succession and found myself at the bottom of the garden passed out while squirrels threw acorns at me. Never again.

    The beer was good nonetheless.


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