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So here we are fellow Intertwitters and Spring has Sprung! Lambs are playfully gambolling in the fields, hosts of golden daffodils are fluttering and dancing in the breeze and it’s all just generally great isn’t it?

Well, actually it’s been raining a heck of lot here over the past few days so we’ve foregone the joyous birth of new life and the like and gone down the pub instead to decide who we should bestow March’s Beer Award to.  And after much deliberation we’ve given it to this fabulously refreshing and easy drinking tipple:

Adnams Ghost Ship 4.5%

GhostShipBeer & Daffodils

Ghost Ship is one of Adnams newish ales and is brewed, dare I say, in the “modern” style. This pretty much means it’s pale in colour, heavily hopped, dry to the palate and citrusy in nose. Importantly though it retains Adnams’ signature maltiness throughout so it’s still recognisable as an Adnams beer. It really is an excellent example of a modern British pale ale so well done to Adnams for moving in directions new without forgetting its history.  We’ve taken delivery of a small crate of Ghost Ship here at Intertwit Towers so we’ve put our money where our mouths are and we think you should do the same. Drink it on draught or in the bottle , but drink it.

Intertwit Tasting Notes:

Beer Colour: Pale

Strength:  Mid-strength. You can drink several of these without fear of walking into doors etc.

Best time to drink it: Anytime. An all day beer

If you must eat food with this: Chicken biryani or Cheese and Onion crisps

Overall Rating: 8.0 (out of 10).

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