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Time was the only beer you used to be able to get at a train station was the ubiquitous aluminium tasting Youngers Tartan Special. I’m not sure it was particularly Scottish and I don’t think it was really that special.

Youngers    Still, it was in a nice can.

These days you have a more wide ranging choice at places of transit but even I was surprised to find Intertwit’s joint beers of the month at a train station kiosk in provincial Hertfordshire.

But there they were, and here they are:

RedTail Citra Red Squirrel Redtail Citra – 4.6%

I used to love the RSB that Red Squirrel used to brew but they don’t seem to make that anymore. That’s a shame but if the Redtail Citra is anything to go by Red Squirrel are moving onwards and upward.

This lovely pale beer is surprisingly full of flavour – it has plenty of subtle citrus notes and it’s just great and fresh tasting. A real treat after you’ve disembarked from the 17:42. Quite frankly we could drink a bucket of it.

Suggested food accompaniment: Pork (scratchings or a lump of. Not pulled.)


CrateStout Crate  Brewery Stout 5.7%

This is a different beast altogether – a thick, velvety strong tasting drop with all the roasted coffee flavours that a good stout should have. It slips down lovely and should be respected at 5.7%. Serve it cool.

Suggested food accompaniment: A hunk of cheddar

The Crate Brewery are based in Hackney Wick and are part of the new wave of East London breweries which appear to be popping up all over the place. Their main operation of brewery and bar\pizzeria is situated on the River Lea in the rather large shadow of the Olympic Stadium. We’ve been there and they have a great range of beers both their own and guest – let’s hope they’ll be prepared for the hordes of thirsty and discerning drinkers that West Ham United will be depositing on Crate come August 2016!


So, a nice couple of beers this month found in the most unlikely of places. Be assured that Intertwit will continue to scour the country in search of more gems like this for your delight and delectation.



Crate Brewery 

Red Squirrel Brewing Co


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  • BobMunkee 2016-04-30

    I wondered where my can of 1974 Youngers Tartan Special went. I last saw it on a football special train service from Euston to Wolverhampton. I threw a toilet roll at Derek Dougan. I missed.


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