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Intertwit found ourselves at a lovely small Beer Festival the other day and this is where we found May 2016’s beer of the month – Tiny Rebel Fubar 4.4%


Brewed by the ever increasingly ambitious and successful Tiny Rebel Brewery from Newport in Wales this is an excellent session beer. Described as a “pale ale” it actually has a darker hue than many of the modern pale ales that currently abound in pubs up and down the country – and it may be this that gives FUBAR the extra flavour that it delivers with each mouthful.

As you probably can’t see from the beer-stained list of other ales it was up against, FUBAR has come through a severe testing to win this month’s increasingly coveted award:


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Thornbridge Jaipur IPA, Mighty Oak Kiterunner and the excellent Saltaire Triple Chocolate Stout (which was actually the first choice of quite a few of the team) all could have been worthy winners but well done to the Tiny Rebel Team who overcame them all. They’ve won national awards in Wales and are the reigning Great British Beer Festival overall champions so I expect Intertwit’s Beer of the Month must rank at least 9th 0r 10th in their list of achievements.

Two pints of Tiny Rebel FUBAR flanking a Saltaire Triple Chocolate Stout

Two pints of Tiny Rebel FUBAR flanking a Saltaire Triple Chocolate Stout


Intertwit Tasting Notes:

Beer Colour: Pale-ish

Strength:  Mid-strength sessioner.

Best time to drink it: 11am – 5pm and then again from 5pm-11 pm

If you must eat food with this: Mini cheddars

Overall Rating: 7.9 (out of 10).

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