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Saltaire in West Yorkshire is what they call a model village. Like Port Sunlight in the Wirral or Bournville in the Midlands it was built to house the workers of the local industry. In the case of Saltaire, this meant the large woollen mill owned by Sir Titus Salt.  Built in 1851 on the banks of the River Aire (see what Titus did there), Saltaire is now a designated UNESCO World Heritage site.

And since 2005 the Saltaire brewery has been based down the road in Shipley and has been fast gaining a reputation for World Class beers. Last month Intertwit.com nearly gave Saltaire its monthly award but the smashing Triple Chocoholic was pipped at the post by Tiny Rebel Fubar.

This month though was no contest – take a bow Saltaire Trio Pale 4.4%


 Saltaire Trio Pale 4.4%          Lovely lacework in evidence here.

As you can see from the above picture, it’s an appealing pint straight off the bat. So much in fact that our photographer decided to drink half of it before realising he had to record the evidence. Sometimes a pint just looks drinkable before you even taste it – and that’s certainly the case here*. Light brown to gold in colour, Trio pale is brewed with 3 diferent variety of American hops and delivers a flavoursome punch with a citrus edge – but not presumptuously so. You’re not sucking on a lemon with Trio. You could certainly drink a lot of this though before the end of an evening and that’s what we intend to do the next time we see it…

*Note to Landlords. The look of a pint is almost as important as what it tastes like and if you know what you are doing (like the pint pictured above) one begets the other. Come on now – keep your beer well and serve your pints properly!

Intertwit Tasting Notes:

Beer Colour: Not too pale, light golden brown in fact

Strength:  Medium with a mild shove.

Best time to drink it: All the live long day

If you must eat food with this: Chicken crisps

Overall Rating: 8.0 (out of 10).

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Here’s a nice Tweet from Saltaire Brewery on 1st July!



What a lovely bunch they are!

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  • BobMunkee 2016-07-01

    I don’t like chicken crisps. The feathers always get stuck at the bottom of the bag.


  • OnionTerror 2016-07-01

    Thank you for you continued beer tips. I like especially the term “lacework”. It’s under appreciated in beer parlance.


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